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Dear RBC Members:

I hope everyone is well and continuing to stay safe. The RBC Board is aware that Governor McMaster is starting to relax some restrictions in the state. We are also aware that that the state epidemiologist recently stated that the risk for Covid 19 exposure continues until the state can report a significant and persistent decline in the virus. It is projected that South Carolina will not reach its peak in Covid 19 cases until early May. The Board is continuously monitoring the situation and is mindful that folks would much rather have the Club open than closed. We feel the same way of course. I plan to meet with the Board soon to discuss this and other RBC matters. As always, our decisions will be guided by what we feel is in the best interest of the Club and our members-taking all factors into consideration.  


Best wishes,


Wesley Graybill, President  

Wesley Graybill
President, and on behalf of the Board

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