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2022 Member-Guest Tournament Schedule

We are excited about this year's Member-Guest Tournament.  Friday Night we will serve Steak & Chicken with all the fixings. We will have an open bar and bring a few extra dollars to bet on teams in the Calcutta. Saturday Lunch will be served from 12:00 to 2:00. We are looking forward to a great weekend!!!!

Below are the draws for this years 2022 Member-Guest Tournament.  

The following times are for ROUND ONE ONLY on Friday night:

6 PM Friday night - Round 1

Becky Hunter / David Zalesne

Andy Riley / Patricia Pierce

Lori Murray / Alex Postic

Pattie Earle / Dennis Eith

Bryan Collars / Lina Gann

Lyssa Fisher / Beaty Fisher

Chrissy Raynor / Robert Boland

Beaumont Riley / Tripp Riley

Colin Raynor / Allie Boland

Keith Axson / Lisa Dahlquist

7:30 PM  Friday night - Round 1

Erin Groves / Ash Nanaie

Elle Rodillo / Bryan Wetherton

Lauren Sklaroff / Arnold Gobbel

Amy Bealle / Drew Wescott

Peter Pigeon / Melissa Cermak

Chris Younts / Nancy Butts

Josh Estes / Mari Taylor Troutman

Clay Goolsby / Kellie Myers

Edwin Martin / Kristin Wescott

Michael Bealle / Dana Burke
Michael Guffee / Kelly Larkin

Howard Dyer / Wendy Sharpe

60 Teams.png

6.0 Draw


7.0 Draw

80 teams.png

8.0 Draw

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