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2022 Member-Member Tournament Schedule


Friday 6 PM

Hunter/Evans  vs Rodillo/Murray

Earle/Knudson vs Connare/King

Ratterree/Pellegrin vs Lesser/Russell

Collars/Cleary vs Wilson/Hicks

Herbkersman/Lowery vs Ferguson/Argote\

Friday 7:30 PM

Jeter/Todd vs Junis/Grich

Gillespie/Turner vs Goetzman/Younts

Lee/Bates vs Graybill/Herbkersman

Guffee/McCoy vs Pleasant/Martin

Raynor/Peterson vs Graybill/Winslow

Saturday 9 AM

Jeter/Todd vs Raines/Goolsby

Goetzman/Younts vs Bealle/Estes

Lesser/Russell vs Graybill/Herbkersman

Pleasant/Martin vs Graybill/Winslow

Cleary/Cleary vs Hunter/Lowery

Saturday 11 AM

Wilson/Hicks vs Harrison/Auld

Rodillo/Murray vs Earle/Knudson

Ratterree/Pellegrin vs Lee/Bates

Cleary/Collars vs Herbkersman/Lowery

Wilson/Hicks vs Ferguson/Argote

Saturday 3 PM

Junis/Grich vs Raines/Goolsby

Bealle/Estes vs Gillespie/Turner

Hunter/Evans vs Connare/King

Guffee/McCoy vs Raynor/Peterson

Cleary/Cleary vs Brantley/Brantley

Saturday 5 PM

Wilson/Hicks vs Herbkersman/Lowery

Lesser/Russell vs Lee/Bates

McCoy/Guffee vs Winslow/Graybill

Hunter/Evans vs Earle/Knudson

Rodillo/Murray vs Connare/King

Saturday 7 PM

Cleary/Collars vs Furguson/Argote

Martin/Pleasant vs Raynor/Peterson

Guffee/Lesser vs Rodillo/Sellars

Ratterree/Pellegrin vs Graybill/Herbkersman

Hunter/Lowery vs Brantley/Brantley

Men's 4.0+ Finals





Here are all the times for the entire weekend so you can plan your schedules. We will be having Subway Sandwiches for lunch on Saturday. Saturday Night the Volunteer Fire Department will be treating us to Steaks, Chicken, Salad and sides. Sunday for lunch we will be doing burgers on the grill. The beer truck will be here all weekend. We invite everyone to come out to eat, drink and have fun with us. If you are not playing in the tournament but would like to eat with us Saturday Night the cost is $10 Per Person and please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly. If you have any questions please contact Brian at

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