Dear RBC Members:

We are obligated to follow Federal and State guidelines on sports activities and social distancing. These guidelines, along with USTA recommendations and advice from healthcare professionals, helped to shape the rules we have established. If you plan to play, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules and information below. These rules will need to be followed for the courts to remain open.  






1. UPDATED:  Members will have access to all courts.


2. UPDATED:  Pros will reserve courts as normal.


3.  Please do not use the center benches on the clay courts.  Place belongings near the fences.


4.  Reservations will continue to be for a maximum of two hours. Play will end FIFTEEN MINUTES prior to your end time.  The remaining fifteen minutes will be used to clean (and sweep, if clay) the courts, and to allow one group to leave prior to arrival of the next group. Please be respectful of this time limitation so our staff can complete their duties in a safe environment.


5.  Anyone under 16 years of age with a court reservation must have a parent present. The parent must remain with child until play is complete.


6.  Courts will close at 9pm. Last court reservation will start play no later than 7pm daily.

7.  Pro shop will be closed

8.  There will be no water coolers on the courts.


9.  Pro shop staff will continue to sweep clay courts and will spray gate handles between play

10.  Bathrooms will continue to be cleaned by custodial service. Disinfectant wipes will be provided if available. We encourage members to bring their own as well. Wash your hands for 20 seconds and wipe down the handles and knobs prior to leaving restroom.

11.  No unaccompanied children.


1. Each player should provide their own can of new balls. Balls should have different number or personal identifier. Server should use their own balls.

2. Wash or sanitize your hands prior to entering the court

3.  Do not share rackets, towels or other equipment

4.  Bring your own water bottle or beverage and hand sanitizer

5.  Arrive just prior to your scheduled court time

6.  Avoid touching railings, benches, fences and gates

7.  Try to remain 6 feet apart

8.   Recommendations is to not switch sides. If you choose to switch, use opposite ends of the net to maintain social distancing.

9.   If a ball from another court comes on your court – kick it back or use racket to send back

10.  Leave as soon as play is over. No sitting on court. 

11.  Sanitize or wash hands immediately after leaving the court

12.  PLAY AND LEAVE THE PROPERTY.    Players should leave the facility after play. No congregating anywhere on the property after play is complete.  Members are allowed to watch tennis matches/fun play at RBC. Please do not watch matches on the court. While watching, you will need to social distance from others.   When match is over, leave the facility. 

The Board reserves the right to modify the rules and regulations at any time, or to suspend play again in the event such an action is warranted due to governmental decree, advice of the medical community, and/or a lack of adherence to the established rules and regulations.

The rules and regulations will be enforced by Brian Reeves and his staff. In addition, we are asking the members to please self-police as well.  Any member who observes another member not following the rules is encouraged to inform the tennis staff, or to point out the situation to the other member.  Individual suspensions can be administered by the Board in cases where the rules are ignored or violated on a consistent basis.

Contact Us:   803-782-3559