Many of the following rules are COVID related, but others are our normal safety regulations.  Please familiarize everyone in your family with these rules & regulations.

1.    Do NOT come to pool if you have experienced fever, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat or other COVID-19 symptoms within the previous 24 hours.

2.    To better protect health and safety, DHEC guidelines recommend facility usage at 20% of normal occupancy, which is 85 members. 

3.    An online reservation system has been implemented for pool use along with new check-in/check-out procedures, and other key changes:

  • No walk-in use of the pool will be permitted. 

  • Online reservations will open 48 hours in advance. 

  • Each family may reserve one block per day. If there is an opening at the session after yours, you      will be allowed to return after the 30-minute sanitation closing. You can visit the reservation website or check-in table 30 minutes before your first session is over to check for availability.

  • Do not sign up for a block if you are not sure you can come.

  • If you have scheduled a block and cannot attend, please cancel at least one (1) hour prior to the reservation.

  • If you make a reservation and do not show up without canceling your reservation your family will have a one-week suspension of pool privileges.

4.    The Pool House and snack bar will be closed, and the exterior doors will be locked. Members at the pool will have access to the Pool House restrooms, which will be limited to use by two (2) people at once and sanitized by staff between uses.

5.    All members from separate households are asked to social distance at least 6’ at all times while on the property.

6.    Pool furniture will be placed 6’ apart. Do not move tables or lounge chairs. Low beach chairs should be replaced if moved to poolside.

7.    Guests, pool parties and group gatherings will not be permitted at the pool.

8.  Cleaning and Sanitation:

  • Spray sanitizer will be available for use by members and several hand sanitizer dispensing stations will be positioned around the pool deck. 

  • Lifeguards/pool staff will sanitize high-touch surfaces such as door handles, faucet handles, etc. hourly.

  • The pool will close for 30 minutes in-between reservation blocks to allow for sanitation of high-touch areas, and tables and chairs.

  • Restrooms will be cleaned each evening.

9.    To enter the pool deck, go down the stairs toward the Pool House main entrance and enter through the metal gate on the right. Members with disabilities may enter the pool area through the Clubhouse gate.

10.    All members must sign in at the staffed check-in table before entering the pool deck. The table will be located inside the Pool House gate.

11.    Use of the pool is permitted only when a lifeguard is on duty.

12.    Proper swimming attire is required at all times. All infants and toddlers who are not fully toilet-trained must wear a swim diaper.

13.    The wading pool is for use by children under six years of age.

14.    Members are not allowed to distract club staff or personnel while on duty.

15.    Running, rough housing or horseplay is not permitted at the facility grounds or on the pool deck. The lower gravel parking lot is not a play area.

16.    Toys, shared floatation devices, balls and noodles are not permitted this season.

17.    Swimming is not permitted in the diving area of the pool unless specifically authorized by the lifeguards. When swimming is permitted, no diving board use is permitted.

18.    Use of the diving boards requires that:

  • Only one person is permitted on the diving board at a time.

  • Repeated bouncing on the board is not permitted.

  • The diver must ensure the water is clear before diving.

  • The diver must use the nearest ladder to exit the pool immediately after the diving or swim beyond the safety divider into the main pool area. 

  • No lingering in the diving area.

19.    Ten minutes before each hour, lifeguards will clear the pool for adult-only swim time. The break will be announced and will begin as soon as the pool is clear. During extreme weather such as high heat over 100 degrees, adult swim time may be extended to 15 minutes.

20.    Absolutely no glass of any type is permitted in the pool facility.

21.    Food, snacks, chewing gum, etc. must be consumed on the wooden/concrete decks and are not permitted on the pool deck.

22.    Members are required to clean up after themselves and dispose of trash in the proper receptacles to help control ants and other pests. The blue recycling receptacles are for aluminum cans only.

23.    Children age 10 and older are approved to visit the pool without adult supervision provided an emergency contact information form on file.  

24.    Children who are being supervised by a caretaker or babysitter other than a parent, must have a babysitter form on file.

25.    The club is not responsible for children who leave the club property without parental permission. Please instruct your children accordingly. The club property does not include the housing development and dock/platform on Spring Lake that was built specifically for the housing development above the club and use by Rockbridge members is prohibited. Trespassers and violators are subject to prosecution by the development owners.

26.    The pool has a lost and found where stray items will be kept for one (1) day. Check the area for missing items. Unclaimed items will be disposed of or donated.

27.    The pool manager is authorized to enforce all rules and regulations and to take appropriate action to ensure compliance. Failure to follow the pool rules and guidelines will result in one-week suspension of pool privileges for family, per the Rockbridge Board. Continued misconduct may result in removal from the premises, and possible suspension and termination of membership as stated in the Rockbridge Club By-Laws.

28.    Operating protocols will be monitored and evaluated throughout the season, and modified, if possible, if local infection rates allow.

    Pool Hours     

Monday-Thursday, 11 am-8 pm

Session Times:  11:00-1:00pm | 1:30-4:30 | 5-8pm

Fridays, 11 am -9 pm

Session Times:  11:00-1:00pm | 1:30-5:00 | 5:30-8pm

Saturdays, 10 am-9 pm

Session Times:  10:00-1:00pm | 1:30-5:00 | 5:30-9pm

Sundays, Noon-8 pm

Session Times:  10:00-1:00pm | 1:30-4:30 | 5-8pm


Contact Us:   803-782-3559